Christopher Durang

“In my life as a playwright, I have worked at and marveled at the many wonderful regional theaters through America. I think the idea of a television program showcasing this exciting work is a great idea.”

Edward Herrmann

“Regional theater is the creative pulse - the lifeblood - that runs all the way from community theaters to Broadway.”

Laura Linney

"Some of the best theatre in America happens in regional theatre. I grew up following my playwright father around the country, watching his work be produced in regional theaters across the United States. I was, and continue to be, inspired and enthralled by theatre in Chicago and Louisville, Minneapolis, Seattle, Denver, Washington, Atlanta, Dallas......the list goes on and on. "

John Lithgow

"True, I'm 68 years old. But I'm still a child of the American regional theater. Before I ever showed up on Broadway, on TV, or on film, I spent seasons at Cleveland's Great Lakes Theater Festival, Princeton's McCarter, New Haven's Long Wharf, and Baltimore's Center Stage. Over forty years later, these and many more sister institutions are still going strong, continuing to produce theater of extraordinary quality and variety. ONSTAGE IN AMERICA is a bold initiative, taking advantage of modern technology to bring the best of these productions to a vast new audience. Such an outreach has never been possible before. Join me in supporting it now, then see great American theater soon on screens everywhere."

Tony Shalhoub

"All hail ONSTAGE IN AMERICA! A long-awaited, rare and invaluable WIN-WIN for regional theatre artists, theatre lovers, the under-served, the theatre starved and even the unsuspecting soon-to-be converts."

David Hyde Pierce

“A lot of the best stuff… a lot of the greatest and most successful stuff that we see in New York or LA or travels around the world… starts in these little theaters all around the country and how cool to be able to catch something like that at its birth when it’s fresh and nobody has seen it.”

Meryl Streep

"Regional Theatre can mean anything from the Guthrie to Berkeley Rep to The Papermill Playhouse to one of the 200 indie theaters currently running in the Chicago area. 40 years ago I started my own professional life in a traveling troupe in Vermont, seven of us, playing local ski resorts. We had two fine resident playwrights; one, Peter Parnell, is now renowned, but that season with us was his lab... These companies are the spawning grounds of talent that has not yet been discovered or has been disregarded by global attention. Wonderful new artists and plays and productions are born outside New York and Los Angeles; their work heretofore a hidden treasure except to lucky local audiences. This project proposes to bring some of that work to us in a way that has never been done before, and that is exciting news for people hungry for the hard to find catch that is substantial theatre."